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CullAi is now legacy, explore the fastest culling app - OptiCull

Simple photo culling app

Rejects low quality photos, Groups similar photos and selects best ones from each group.

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Auto Rates Photos by Face Quality

Based on Bad lighting conditions, Out of Focus primary subjects, Camera shake, and Closed eyes.

Uses Configurable mapping from Ai score to Ratings.

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Groups Similar Photos and Auto Picks Best Ones

User Configured Automation Rules and Face Quality of all Important People is considered while Auto Picking Photos in a Group.

As this is a subjective choice you can Manually Flag Photos as Picked, Unflagged & Rejected. Rejected photos are never Auto Picked.

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Adjust Grouping Sensitivity

You can adjust Grouping Sensitivity and Grouping Time Gap to influence grouping.

Higher sensitivity will group more photos together which could be less similar.

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Filter Bad Quality Photos

Filter out Photos based on Ratings and Flags.

Export, Share and Drag out only Filtered or Selected photos.

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Auto Detects Important People

CullAi automatically treats people who appear often in photos as more important. You can override this to indicate which people are more important.

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Edit and Sync Ratings and Labels Metadata

Supports reading and writing both inbuilt and sidecar Metadata.

Helps Sending Auto Ratings to your Favorite App.

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Drag and Drop

Drag In and Drag Out Photos to and from Other Apps Like Finder, LightRoom, LightRoom Classic, Apple Photos etc.

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Keyboard Shortcuts, so you can sprint through all photo groups quickly


Support for RAW formats supported by host macOS version


Final selected photos to Folder or to compatible Apple Share Apps and Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CullAi use my photos?

All your photos remain on your local machine all the time. All AI processing happens locally, and we don't send any part of your…

Does CullAi support RAW photos?

Yes, CullAi supports photos in RAW format that are supported by the host macOS version. For details please check Apple…

What are minimum system requirements to run CullAi?

CullAi can run on any computer running macOS 10.15.1 or later. While AI processing will be faster on newer machines, CullAi runs…

How much CullAi costs, and how payment is done?

Please refer to CullAi product page for latest pricing information. At the time of writing this article payment for Standard…

Does CullAi works well with Lightroom (or any other Editing App)?

Yes, CullAi works well with Adobe Lightroom and other Editing Apps like Capture One. You can directly import photos from…

How CullAi is different than other Apps like Photomechanic?

CullAi uses AI to assist you in automatically discarding obvious rejects and to reduce your manual steps and time to pick better…

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Its not what you think it is, its better

"The real problem with this software, is that theres never been anything like it before. This is no rival for other like Adobre Bridge or Photomechanic, and it doesnt need to be one."

—by Vega CosPhoto, Apple App Store Mexico

Best Cull "IA" app I have yet tried

"Does a very good job of selecting the most valuable photo in a folder. This is the core technology that makes it a promising app. Developer has already noted valuable future features. Can't wait."

—by LarsMacmini, Apple App Store United States


The right pricing for you, whoever you are



CullAi Lite version for Hobbyist Photographers.

  • Everything in Standard version, limited to 50 Photos per photoshoot.
  • You can upgrade to Standard version using secure one time Apple In App Purchase.
  • You can take 14 Day Free Trial of Standard version before purchasing it, No Credit Card required.
  • Every update to our App is reviewed by Apple for your security and privacy.
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CullAi Standard version for Professional Photographers.

  • Fast previews of RAW photos.
  • Star Ratings, Color Lables and Pick Flags.
  • Auto Rate, Auto Group, Auto Pick, Faces Display and Important People AI features.
  • Export, Drag-n-Drop and Share to Apps like Lightroom.
  • Inbuilt and Sidecar Metadata updates and syncing.
  • Unlimited Photos per photoshoot.
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  • * This price is for Apple US Store and actual price in your native currency will be as per Apple In App Purchase price, read more at FAQ for Payments.

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