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The fastest photo culling app
for automated and manual culling

OptiCull magicully sorts duplicates into scenes, rejects blurry and blinking photos, and selects the best keepers automatically based on your culling preferences. Even for manual culling, you can sift through duplicate scenes using innovative side-by-side comparison and zoom modes.

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From the maker of CullAi, which introduced duplicate grouping back in 2020

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Lightning fast RAW previews and AI analysis

Never wait for previews or closeups to show up while reviewing your shoot.

Start reviewing instantly while OptiCull analyzes photos at the speed of 1000 photos under a minute.

Video shows the lightning speed of OptiCull in real time on M1 MacBook Air

Let's create a scene

Groups duplicates into scenes in real-time

Grouping duplicates makes it easy to compare them side-by-side and select a diverse set of final photos.

You can adjust grouping preferences to group more photos together and reduce number of keepers.

Just like good old polaroid days

Side-by-side compare and Synced Zoom modes

Just select multiple photos or scenes to compare them side-by-side utilizing your screen real-estate.

Use synced zoom modes to compare the same face, all faces or same regions in multiple photos at once.

Navigate different faces in sync when in face zoom mode

One-take per scene

Scene layout modes for faster review

Use layout modes like Scene Survey mode to sift through scenes instead of photos one by one.

It previews all photos in selected scene(s) by default.

Just pan and zoom on one photo to compare different regions in one go, without the need to go back and forth.

Rushed days? no sweat..

Magi-Cull and Auto-Rate, personalized and instant

Rejects photos with blurry and blinking subjects based on your preference.

Selects best diversified keepers from each scene.

Set ratings you use for keepers, duplicates and rejects, OptiCull will automatically assign those.

You are always in control using assessment overrides while reviewing magi-cull results.

AI doesn't know everything... just yet!

Warnings for quick review

Focus and Eye assessments are highlighted under each face for quick check without zooming in.

Magi-Cull assigns blur and blink warnings to keepers without better alternatives.

It also flags photos without people that it could not assess, for you to review.

Ship it in a click

OptiCull is designed to be part of your workflow

1. Import

1. Import

Import thousands of RAWs in no time, Just select source folder

2. Cull

2. Cull

Cull your photoshoot in OptiCull using automated or manual culling

3. Edit

3. Edit

Ship to your editing app like Lightroom or Capture One with just a click

Your photos, your rules

Privacy and Security

  • All your photos remain on your local machine at all times. All AI processing happens locally on device. OptiCull does not need to and does not send your photos to any external servers.
  • All the personally identifiable and anonymous data collected by DopeAI apps is declared in Apple app store listings and in our privacy policy. DopeAI is also GDPR compliant, please read our privacy policy for details
  • OptiCull is available on the Apple App Store. Which means every version of our software is reviewed and approved by Apple for your privacy and security.
  • This also means OptiCull has to run in Apple's Sandbox on the device and it only has access to files and folders you select inside the app.
  • Apps downloaded directly from the web in most cases don't run in the sandbox as it is not mandatory for non App Store Apps.
  • We don't even need to know your email id, you can just login using Apple Sign In inside the app and choose to keep your email and name private.

Unleash the cool beast

Use your Mac's full potential

Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon

OptiCull is optimized for Apple silicon, taking full advantage of its incredible performance and efficiency.


Mac friendly keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions lets you sift through quickly


Official support for RAW formats supported by the host macOS version and RAW+JPG. Also loads inbuilt JPG previews for unsupported cameras.



Supports native macOS Light and Dark Appearance, Accent and Highlight color preferences

Core Image

Core Image

Core Image and ImageIO greatly speeds up reading inbuilt previews and generating missing RAW previews.

Core ML & Metal

Core ML & Metal

The groundbreaking machine learning features in OptiCull are integrated using Core ML & Metal, which brings the best possible ML processing performance and efficiency.


Show me the money!



OptiCull Free version for Hobbyist Photographers.

  • Lightning fast RAW previews.
  • Manual ratings and assessments
  • Synced custom Zoom mode with lock
  • Side-by-side compare multiple photos
  • Quick Rating, Assessment and Warning Filters
  • Inbuilt and Sidecar metadata support
  • Ship to editing Apps in a click
  • Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Projects
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Launch Offer, Limited Seats


OptiCull Pro Lifetime for Professional Photographers.

  • Everything in OptiCull Free
  • Face Closeups panel
  • Scenes and Scene Layout modes
  • Face and All Faces Zoom modes
  • Focus and Eye assessments
  • Magi-Cull assessments and Auto-Rate
  • Warnings for quick review
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All Launch Offers

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  • * This price is for Apple US Store and actual price in your native currency will be as per Apple In App Purchase price.

Spend drastically less time culling

And more time doing what you love. OptiCull will cut your culling time up to 90%. Give it a try, we would love to hear your feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is culling in photography?

In photography, culling is the process of selecting final deliverable photos from all the photos taken during a photoshoot. Generally, culling is done before editing the photos so that only the photos that need to be delivered are edited, and editing effort is not wasted.

Why should I use photo culling software?

Good photo editing software is generally very slow when showing previews and does not usually have built-in smart features for culling. When you need to go through a ton of photos to select several hundred, those slow previews and lack of intelligent features will significantly slow you down. So, it makes sense to use purpose-built software for photo culling to save time drastically.

Why should I use AI photo culling software? Photo mechanic is fast enough.

Firstly, if you consider Photo Mechanic fast enough, please give OptiCull a try. You'll be surprised. Even with fast photo culling software, you still have to zoom in to check for focus and blinks, and reject low-quality photos. Moreover, you have to go back and forth while comparing duplicates to select a diverse set of final photos. AI photo culling software like OptiCull automatically tags low-quality photos with bad focus or blinks, groups duplicates together in scenes to compare side-by-side, and selects the best photos from each scene in automated mode. This drastically reduces your culling time. And even if you choose to review the results or opt for manual culling, you can sift through scenes instead of going through each photo one by one.

Why should I use OptiCull? How is it different from other photo culling softwares?

OptiCull is the fastest photo culling software, both in terms of fastest RAW previews, face close-ups, and in terms of how fast you can review your shoot. It supports both automated and manual culling workflows. OptiCull magicully sorts duplicates into scenes, rejects blurry and blinking photos, and selects the best diversified keepers automatically based on your culling preferences. Even for manual culling, you can sift through duplicate scenes using innovative side-by-side comparison and zoom modes. For automated culling, all culling preferences are applied in real-time, you do not need to restart culling to see results. You can preview any scene to see the effects of culling preferences live to decide faster. Also, OptiCull will be the only option available on the Apple AppStore, which goes through rigorous Apple review for your security and privacy.

How does OptiCull use my photos?

All your photos remain on your local machine at all times. All AI processing happens locally on the device. OptiCull does not need to and does not send your photos to any external servers. We deeply care for your privacy, so rest assured. DopeAI also comply with GDPR, please read our privacy policy to learn more.

What camera models are supported?

OptiCull supports photos in RAW format that are supported by the host macOS version. For details, please check the Apple documentation for RAW support on your macOS version. Ideally, RAW photos that are viewable in Finder and Apple Preview app should be supported by OptiCull. Additionally, OptiCull supports JPG and RAW+JPG formats. Although unsupported RAW files are not officially supported, they may still work if they have large enough built-in JPG previews. As a short-term solution for working with macOS unsupported cameras, you can either turn on 1:1 inbuilt previews if your camera supports it, shoot in RAW+JPG, or convert them to DNG with 1:1 previews before importing.

What are the minimum system requirements to run OptiCull?

OptiCull can run on any Mac running macOS 11.0 or later. To test beta builds, you will need macOS 12.0 as Apple TestFlight requires macOS 12.0 to run. OptiCull is super fast and less resource-demanding, so it will run smoothly even on a Mac with 8GB RAM.

What all editing apps OptiCull works with?

OptiCull can ship selected photos directly to editing apps like Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Capture One, Apple Photos and any other macOS app following standard file import guidelines from Apple.

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