CullAi supports multiple ways to Export and Share photos like exporting to a folder, sharing to apple share destinations and drag-n-drop to other apps.

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Selective Export

All export, share and dragging operations are in context to currently filtered or selected photos. If you have selected some photo groups in Home View, CullAi will only export those photo groups. If no photo groups are selected, export will happen for all photo groups currently in grid. When filters are applied, grid will only contain filtered photo groups and thus only exporting filtered photo groups.

You can see the number of photos that will get exported in bottom bar photo counts.

Exporting to folder

You can export all photos in context to a local / network folder by clicking Export button in toolbar. This will open a folder pick modal, where you can select the folder where these photos should be exported.

Export to folder will trigger metadata save action before exporting so that any unsaved metadata gets saved first, and is copied to exported folder also. In case of Share and Dragging though, user has to save metadata manually before taking these actions.

Sharing using Apple Share destinations

You can trigger Apple Share action for photos in context to share those photos with compatible Apple Share destinations. Apple Share destinations include Apple Photos, Mail, AirDrop etc.

Drag-n-Drop to other Apps

You can Drag and Drop selected photo groups to other Apps like Adobe Lightroom, Finder etc. Currently, dragging photo groups will only actually drag single photo per group. You can overcome this limitation by using following 2 methods.

Selecting All Photos in Lightroom when import dialog is opened:

Setting grouping sensitivity to 0 before dragging all photos:

Upcoming version will address this shortcoming in much more elegant way.