Our Mission

Empower professional photographers with performant and efficient products and workflows with the help of artificial intelligence.

Smartphones are now capable of taking DSLR like photos. Google and Apple are pushing limits of these small cameras with the help of AI. At the same time professional cameras and photography workflows did not advance much in comparison, despite having much advance hardware and optics.

While some products do use AI to enhance photos, it is limited to processing and editing of photos. Photo culling tools are still limited to going through all photos with manual effort to check quality and compare similar photos. Even cameras are limited in live AI, HDR and Image Stacking features and cost lot more to even have eye autofocus inbuilt.

We want to bridge this gap by making AI available at each stage in whole photography workflow. We are starting with culling step and have launched our first product CullAi, to assist in culling photos faster and efficiently.

Our Values

  • Performance - You value your time, so we value performance in our products.
  • Efficiency - Nobody likes their machines overheating as frying pan, making noise like jet plane and causing throttling, so we value efficient use of resources.
  • Quality - We strive to achieve the best quality at maximum performance possible by default. But we also give user preferences to adjust balance between performance and quality.

Our Team

We are a very small team based in Mumbai, India. Myself, Shailesh Pandit, CEO and Founder of DopeAI, have 15+ years of experience in software engineering. I am working on DopeAI full time, and I am fully committed to our mission. Besides engineering, I am also passionate about photography.