CullAi uses standard macOS style preferences using window with tabs for different preferences. You can open preferences window using CMD + , or from menu CullAi -> Preferences

List of all Preferences:

General Preferences

Image resolution for AI processing (px)

Resolution of an image used for Ai processing. Higher the resolution, better the AI Score, Rating and Important People detection. But higher resolution will also make analyzing step slow.

Current options are 1024px 1440px 2048px and 4096px. Changes in resolution are used from the next import.

Default thumbnail size (px)

Default thumbnail size when application starts. This sets Thumbnail Size Slider to preferred value when CullAi starts.

Current options are 64px 128px 192px and 256px. Changes in thumbnail size are applied immediately.

Automation Preferences

AI Score to Rating Mapping

You can define mapping from AI Score to Ratings using minimum AI Score for a rating. Increasing minimum AI Score for a rating will give that rating to only better quality photos. Reducing minimum AI Score for a rating will give that rating to even lower quality photos. You can always reset this mapping to our factory settings.

Changes in mapping are used from the next import or upon using Ai Menu -> Re-Calculate Ratings.

Auto Pick Settings

Auto pick settings help you in automating flagging photos.

  • Minimum rating to flag as picked: CullAi will flag any photo having rating greater than or equal to this as picked.

  • Maximum photos from same group to flag as picked: This will limit maximum number of photos auto picked from a group. Keep it 0 to disable auto pick.

Changes in auto pick settings are used from the next re-grouping, either on next import or adjusting grouping options.

Metadata Preferences

There are preferences to suppress warnings shown before reading and writing to and from inbuilt/sidecar Metadata.

Ask Before Saving Metadata to Files

Checkbox to enable or disable warning shown before writing updated Metadata to files.

Ask Before Reloading Metadata from Files

Checkbox to enable or disable warning shown before reading updated Metadata from files.