Quick start guide for culling photos directly from Adobe Lightroom and Syncing Metadata back to Lightroom. For detailed guides on each feature, please check user guide.

Step 1 - Import Photos from Adobe Lightroom

Open your photoshoot collection in Adobe Lightroom. Select photos you need to cull and drag them onto CullAi home view photos panel.

Step 2 - Browse Previews while CullAi Analyzes Photos

While CullAi is analyzing photos, you can browse previews and mark photos as rejected manually or let it run in background.

Step 3 - Check Auto Ratings, Groupings and Auto Picked photos

When CullAi is done analyzing, it will Auto Rate photos with 1-5 star ratings, Auto Group similar photos, Auto Pick configured number of photos and detect Important People in the photoshoot.

You can also modify the ratings and flags as per your assessment.

Step 4 - Save Metadata to Photos

Select "Save Metadata to All Files" from Metadata menu. This will save auto ratings to inbuilt / sidecar metadata of photos.

Step 5 - Read Metadata in Lightroom

Once metadata is saved to all files, switch back to Adobe Ligthroom. Make sure all photos are selected. Select "Read Metadata from Files" from Metadata menu in Lightroom to sync Ratings and Color Flags written by CullAi. From this point you can do filtering in Ligthroom itself based on Ratings and Color Labels.

As flags don't have standard place in Metadata, they don't get stored and synced to Ligthroom. Because of this it is advisable to use Color Labels for picking photos or doing picking part in Lightroom itself.