This update adds Faces Display per photo, AI Score per Face, Auto Pick and Ability to Flag Multiple Photos from same group among other features.

Faces Display

You can now see faces of all people along each photo in side panel. AI score for face is also displayed below each face. Please refer to user guide for Faces Display.

Flag Individual Photos

You can now flag individual photo as Picked / Unflagged / Rejected. This improves pick flags from older versions where you were limited to pick single photo in a group. Please refer to user guide for Filmstrip.

Auto Pick and Automation Rules

CullAi now Auto Picks best photos from each group. You can now set automation rules to configure this. You can choose how many photos should be auto picked from each group and what should be their minimum rating. Please refer to user guide for Auto Pick.

New Filters

You can now filter based on these

  • Based on their flags being Picked / Unflagged / Rejected and any combination of those.
  • Based on Greater than or equal, Less than or equal and equal to for Star Ratings Please refer to user guide for Filters.

Photo and Groups Count - Bottom Bar

CullAi now shows total, filtered and selected photos and groups in home view. This will help to identify how many photos/groups are getting exported/shared. Please refer to user guide for Photo and Groups Count.

Adjustable Panels

Group Details View now has adjustable height of filmstrip panel and adjustable width of newly added faces panel. Please refer to user guide for Group Details View.