OptiCull magicully sorts duplicates into scenes, rejects blurry and blinking photos, and selects the best keepers automatically based on your culling preferences. Even for manual culling, you can sift through duplicate scenes using innovative side-by-side comparison and zoom modes.

Lightning fast RAW previews and AI analysis

Never wait for previews or closeups to show up while reviewing your shoot.

Start reviewing instantly while OptiCull analyzes photos at the speed of 1000 photos under a minute.

Video shows the lightning speed of OptiCull in real time

Groups duplicates into scenes in real-time

Grouping duplicates makes it easy to compare them side-by-side and select a diverse set of final photos.

You can adjust grouping preferences to group more photos together and reduce number of keepers.

Side-by-side compare, layout and synced zoom modes

Just select multiple photos or scenes to compare them side-by-side utilizing your screen real-estate.

Use synced zoom modes to compare the same face or regions in multiple photos at once.

Use layout modes like Scene Survey mode to sift through scenes instead of photos one by one.

Auto-Cull and Auto-Rate, personalized and instant

Rejects photos with blurry and blinking subjects based on your preference

Selects best diversified keepers from each scene

Set ratings you use for keepers, duplicates and rejects, OptiCull will automatically assign those.

You are always in control using assessment overrides while reviewing auto cull results.

Warnings for quick review

Focus and Eye assessments are highlighted under each face for quick check without zooming in.

Auto-Cull assigns blur and blink warnings to keepers without better alternatives.

It also flags photos without people that it could not assess, for you to review.

Feel at home macOS Users

Apple Silicon

CullAi runs natively on Mac devices powered by Apple silicon, taking full advantage of its incredible performance and efficiency.


Supports native macOS Light and Dark Appearance, Accent and Highlight color preferences

Multi Window and Tabs

Supports macOS multiple windows and tabs to work on multiple projects

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts let you review or do manual cull quickly

RAW Support

Support for RAW formats supported by the host macOS version, also supports RAW+JPG

Speed and Efficiency

Core Image

Core Image and ImageIO greatly speeds up reading inbuilt previews and generating missing RAW previews.

Core ML & Metal

The groundbreaking machine learning features in CullAi are integrated using Core ML & Metal, which brings the best possible ML processing performance and efficiency.

Beta Update

OptiCull Beta is stopped for now after the OptiCull launch on 7th June 2023. We will open it again once we have significant updates which require a Beta feedback. Thank you all for participating and giving us valuable feedback.